Change Impact Assessment

Are you planning a significant change and you would like to have a better understanding of how it will impact your operations? We have what you need, free of charge1, with no formal engagement!

Contact us to receive your personalized link to our online survey. We also provide a standard letter to be forwarded to the affected team leads. Five minutes are required to complete the questionnaire and evaluate the impact of change on affected teams:

  • Day to day routine
  • Work processes
  • Tools
  • Roles

As well as their:

  • Change perception
  • Concern levels
  • Workload
  • Amount of change in progress

In less than a week, you will receive the results in a consolidated dashboard for all your teams and the following Change's risk matrix. You will have a better understanding of where and how the change will affect each team in order to better define the support strategies.

This exercice does not commit you in any way. however, if necessary, we will be pleased to assist in order to promote the change.

Failing a Go-live is not an option… Don’t miss this opportunity to make a good impression! 

1 For companies in Quebec, only.