Change Awareness Assessment

Are you deploying a significant change soon and you are not quite sure are your team are ready for it ? We have the tool that you need.

Contact us to receive, free of charge1, your personalized link to our Change Awareness survey. We also provide a standard letter to be forwarded to the affected team leads. 5 minutes are required to complete the questionnaire that evaluates 7 important components of a successful change.  

In less than a week, you will receive the results in a consolidated dashboard presenting the indicators and the main concerns. You will have a better understanding of how and where put energy to insure a smooth transition toward you change.

Example of consolidated dashboard

This exercice does not commit you in any way. however, if necessary, we will be pleased to assist in order to promote your change.

Failing a Go-live is not an option… Don’t miss this opportunity to make a good impression! 

1 For companies in Quebec, only.