nformation is defined as a micro-enterprise where everyone engages and adds value. Small is beautiful! Talent development is at the core of our business model. By combining the technical knowhow and the enthusiasm of our youngest resources with the wisdom and maturity of the most experienced ones, we offer you a maximum of competencies, agility and quality at the best price.

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Bruno Allard

Bruno has been revolutionizing the technologies and operational skills training for 5 years using his new Just enough, just in time training approach. Based on his 27 years of experience as a training and change management consultant, he has successfully worked on the greatest technology projects in Quebec. Dynamic and charismatic, he is reputed for being a good listener, for his simple and efficient solutions, for his flexibility and implementation promptness. As an advisor, a coach, facilitator, project manager, businessman and lecturer, he always makes his duty to push his limits in setting the bar higher, and a little further each mandate.

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Valérie Guay

Captivated by human nature, Valérie always has the right word to put people at ease and make them shine. During her management career, Valerie developed a facility to teach things and allow everyone to grow up with ease. It is now her full time job and she is doing it with brio. Whether it is developing material and teaching it to trainers or going on the road to deploy new solutions, Valérie has people's success at heart.


Vous / You ?

Looking for young talented educational designer - Are you inspired and driven with the idea of improving the training world ? Get in touch with us, we can not wait to meet you! We offer a stimulating and well-supervised work environment to develop your full potential and bring you to the next level.


We count on our partners for many other related tasks, and we work only with the best!

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Lucie Salée

Lucie is a great strategic partner to manage the change of all types of digital or cultural transformation. Action driven with sensitive listening skills, she is a master at discerning the subtleties of the business context. Constantly looking for new trends, she always proposes simple and innovative solutions that add great value to the project she is working on.

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Ginette Yapeti

Ginette work in communication and sustainable change management fields since more than 20 years. She has no equal in quickly understanding strategic, operational and human issues in order to build and implement effective action plans and make dreams come true.

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Jean-Pierre Moineau

Jean-Pierre is one of the key stone in the evolution of our training team. Generous by nature, with a great expertise in various fields and now as a lecturer at the university teaching SAP new releases, he is the ideal coach to supervise our less experienced resources in mandate. Thanks to him, the next generation is now better equipped to help our businesses become more successful!

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Arnaud Paquet

Holder of a master's degree in information technology management and lecturer at the university, Arnaud has no equal in delivering training material within tight deadlines. Passionate about technology and full of energy, he can accomplish almost the impossible when the targets are cleared and supervision well defined.


Renata Chiaradia

Renata is our Chief Translator and she advises on the pedagogy of training materials, when necessary. Whether French to English or vice versa, she always has the right word. This knowledge of new teaching tools and its network of contacts are always very useful. She has over 17 years of experience in translation and 5 years of experience in instructional design.


Maud Thouverez

Maud is our candidate finder superstar. No matter the challenge, she has a sixth sense to find the key person for our needs and those of our clients in training and change management.


Vous / You ?

Looking for potentials partners - Are you a well-known educational designer, a great change manager or even a small, dynamic and creative company offering related services? Let's have a coffee! We are always interested in meeting potential partners who share our vision and values. Together, we can do great things!