Technical training

It is a known fact, the return on investment of a technology project is directly related to the speed at which users can easily employ the application ti its full potential. 

It’s a known fact, the return on investment (ROI) of any technology project is directly linked to the users’ learning curve. The faster they master the system to unleash its full potential, the quicker the ROI starts. 

Consequently, training is a key asset. Unfortunately, training practices haven’t yet progressed as quickly as the technology, and they necessarily no longer adapt to the current business environment, where time is scarce, the deadlines are tight, and everything changes at a fast pace.

Our approach

To address this challenge, we have developed the Just enough, just in time training approach. Based on a hybrid training model, the users are brought to class to learn what is essential and necessary for the first days of work after implementation, or in the presence of a client. Thereafter, learning happens while something is done, at the exact moment when it is really needed. Skill improvement happens from an online reference system and is supported by the community of practice.

We maximize :

  • the information retention
  • the learning curve
  • the ROI
  • employee engagement
  • the development of communities of practice

and minimize :

  • the development costs
  • the training costs
  • the training environment
  • the time spent in class
  • the impact on operations

Once the project is over, the reference system is transferred to the community of practice to be improved and maintained. Thus, training does not relate only to the system deployment. It is available and updated to train the new users over time.