Facing the whirlwind of change

Are you deploying a new solution and you would like to mobilize your teams to ensure a smooth and seamless transition? Facing the whirlwind of change is the perfect training to make it happen!

During this 3-hour hands-on workshop, your first line managers and their directors will learn the basics of managing change by:

  • Realizing their natural style and their beliefs in change
  • Defining a common vision of the change
  • Naming their position facing the change
  • Establishing their needs to support the change
  • Identifying their contributions

It all ends up with a contract between the managers and the change owners to mark in stone the commitments tof both sides to support the transition.

Basic training - 3 hours of training at your facility for a group of 8 to 10 people, and a guide for each participant - $ 1499

Trainer-the-training - 3 hours of training-the-trainer, assistance at the first delivery and sources of training materials for internal use only - $ 4999

Contact us for further details. We will be please to make your change a remarkable success!