Unleash the full potential of your workforce

Changes are multiplying and your organization can no longer keep pace? Good resources are limited and when you find one, you can't train it quickly enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel? 

Be like the innovators of this world and develop a learning culture in your operations.  You will then develop the full potential of your resources, increase your operational agility and mobilize your employees by leveraging their knowledge while enhancing their development.

 Based on the 5 main learning principles implemented at Google, our intervention will allow you to:

  1. Enhance your corporate vision placing learning at the heart of your corporate DNA.
  2. Identify the performance indicators necessary for monitoring improvement
  3. Implement simple tools to support training
  4. Engage your employees to develop their full potential  
  5. Train your employees to learn and coach in action
  6. Supporting change through a playful approach

Approximate cost: $149/employee.

The project includes a needs analysis, our advices, the customization of training and communication materials, a workshop with front-line managers, a kick-off meeting with all employees, 3 follow-up meetings and an end-of-project report.

Contact us today to shift today to collaboration and adaptability. We will be happy to boost your company to its full potential, enhance the work satisfaction and help you to achieve unmatched performance.